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» » Діти співають «Молитву» / The children sing "The Prayer"

Діти співають «Молитву» / The children sing "The Prayer"

3-11-2015, 17:23
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Some critics thought that the animated film "The Magic Sword: the salvation of Camelot", released in far 1998, more suitable to the status of a musical, because the emphasis was placed there on the musical component. And so it happened - she animated tale has long and well forgotten, and from there the song romp through the world until now. Get at least a "Prayer", which performed an incredible Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli and needs no introduction Celine Dion. Thanks to their wonderful voices, melody and still remembered by many. But some are not limited to audition, dare to challenge the grandees of music and create their cover art. It should be noted that children's duo came closest to the ideal!

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